To Ellyndale, sourcing is about much more than locating the right products and materials. It’s about building and nurturing highly productive, long-term, trusting relationships with capable vendors who will consistently go the extra mile for our customers. We have invested many years in building our vendor network, fine tuning factories’ capabilities and finding ways to sustain competitive pricing.




Sample Creation

We recognize the vital importance of sample creation in developing successful programs. We believe this essential service must be provided with excellence. From the design pack to the shipment samples, we remain fully committed to every part of the sample creation cycle. We offer innovative, customized solutions to ensure that samples facilitate success for our customers.




Production and Technical Support

Ellyndale responsibly manages the entire production phase while providing visibility to customers through clear and timely communication about their orders. Whether for production at a single mill or for large scale production coordinated across multiple locations, our technicians are on site to conduct inspections, ensure quality control systems are being utilized and to offer technical support to manufacturers.




Quality Control

For Ellyndale, the quality control process begins in the sourcing stage. We conduct onsite factory evaluations and also host third party audits at our customers’ request. We also help to test and maintain quality control systems at our production facilities. From the factory evaluation to sample inspections to inline and final inspections of bulk production, we ensure our customers’ high standards for quality and social compliance are met.